Food: Pancake Pizza Topping, $1,100 Whopper + More

Someone's Using Pancakes as a Pizza Topping Now

I guess we shouldn't be surprised anymore when someone puts something *STUPID on top of a pizza and calls it a topping.

The latest one?  A restaurant in Toronto just created a pizza that uses bacon and PANCAKES as a topping. Yup.....a giant slice of pizza with little pancakes on top! Each pancake has a little pat of butter and syrup on top.

There's no word on how it tastes...but I'm will to guess it tastes DELICIOUS!


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A Woman Gives Birth in a Taco Bell Parking Lot and Says "We Deserve Some Nachos Out of This"

A woman named Kelsey Sturm was rushing to the hospital in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania last week to give birth . . . and she realized she wasn't going to make it.

So she pulled over in a TACO BELL parking lot . . . and had her baby in one push.  Fortunately, an ambulance got there quickly, and she and the baby are doing great.

But she only has one request . . . quote, "I think, at least, we deserve some nachos out of this."  Taco Bell hasn't commented yet on whether they'll hook her up. 

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A Guy Tried Burger King's One-Cent Whopper Deal . . . and Wound Up Getting Charged $1,100

If you haven't heard about this, Burger King is offering a deal where you can get a Whopper for ONE CENT . . . if you order it on their app while you're at a McDonald's.

That's a great deal . . . for everyone except this guy.

Boyce Harvey says he selected the Whopper detour meal deal in the restaurant's app, but when he showed up to pick up his meal at a Quartz Hill Burger King. The app instructs you to place the order while being within 600 feet of a McDonald’s, which Boyce was.

When he went to pick up the one cent Whopper, the managers couldn't find it. So, he placed another order that totaled $8.99 and when he left he saw that he was charged over one thousand dollars.

That left a huge overdraft in his bank account and now Burger King is working to fix the mess. One lesson from this? Always check fast food receipts before leaving the store!


Panera Bread is giving out free bagels every day for the rest of the year.  

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