New Technology Trend: Screen Dipping

Some nights, you just want to stay in with your S.O. and share a bottle of wine and watch a movie. You’re enjoying the quiet evening and the film, but it seems like every time you look over at your sweetie, he’s looking at his phone instead of the TV, so it’s pretty much ruining the experience for you. It’s happened to most of us before and now there’s actually a name for it: “screen dipping.”

Screen dipping is basically the act of “dipping out” of one screen every so often so you can look at another screen, like switching between your phone and the TV. And while this act is totally fine if you’re at home alone going from scrolling through Twitter to half-watching “Below Deck,” it really bugs some people when they’ve decided to watch something with you and you’re not really paying attention.

The problem with screen dipping is that it implies you’re picking your phone over the person you’re with. Even though you’re not in an active conversation because you’re watching a show or movie, you’re supposed to be engaged in it together. And it can be bad for your relationship, too. According to one study, choosing your phone over your partner can lead to being less satisfied with the relationship and more fights.

So if you’re a screen dipper, consider yourself warned. If you want to break the habit, try leaving your phone on silent or in another room for the 90-minutes of the movie. Just being mindful about your phone and the person sitting right next to you can help, too.

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