#DadsRule: It's an app that forces kids to reply to your texts

For a parent who has a kid(s) with a cell phone, nothing is more anxiety provoking than trying to reach your kid by text and them not responding. It can go 0-60 in a heartbeat.

One dad has come up with an ingenious way to ensure that kids get back to mom or dad when they’re sent a message, and it’s one that hits them right where it hurts: their phones.

Nick Herbert devised and created the ReplyASAP app, available on Android but coming soon for iOS. The app works like this: when you send your kid – or someone else, but let’s be honest – a text, the app straight-up freezes their phone until they respond, interrupting whatever is they’re doing – snapping, Insta-ing, texting with someone cooler than you – and forcing them to respond in order to make their phone use-able again. And if their phone is on silent? It even sounds an alarm, alerting them to the presence of your text and making them step to it if they want to get back to putting dog ears on their selfies.

The app can be downloaded in the Google Play store (again, thus far it’s for Android users only), and since it’s arrival in August 2017, it has been installed some 75,000 times.

I can't stand when I send a text to an ADULT and they don't respond.....let alone my kid! 

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