Social Media Hunting for Woman Who Left Love Letter on an Airplane Barf Bag

 This is one of those rare situations where social media actually IS useful...because it just might let us all know how this story turned out.

A woman was cleaning an airplane last year and found a message written on a BARF BAG.

It was signed by a 21-year-old named Andrea.  And she said she'd just bought the flight last minute from Miami to D.C. to intercept her best friend while he had a layover she could tell him she LOVES HIM.

And since she was going to Australia in four days for a semester abroad, it was her last chance.  Why write about her mission on a barf bag?  Quote, "my wifi doesn't this is me venting."

So now, people on social media are trying to track down find out if she DID catch the guy between his flights to have her romantic comedy moment with him.

But so far, Andrea's identity is still a mystery.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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