Dr. Bernice King says Rochester weatherman shouldn't have been fired

The daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. is reacting to the recent firing of Channel 10 WHEC meteorologist Jeremy Kappell, after he uttered what sounded like a racial slur on the air last week. In an interview with TMZ, Dr. Bernice King said she believed that there could have been a better way of handling the situation besides firing Kappell. 

If you haven't seen the clip here it is:

For the full TMZ interview CLICK HERE 

Kappell was fired Sunday. He says he was speaking too fast and jumbled his words. As off noon today, an online petition calling for his reinstatement has more than 46,000 signatures.

As for Kappell, he issued a public apology with his wife on Facebook, insisting he accidentally jumbled his words and didn't do it with malice. He also criticized the TV station for letting him go and not supporting him, adding ... "I would never intend harm that way to anyone."

And for what's it worth - maybe the most famous meteorologist came to his defense....

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