Guy Accidentally Gets Invite, Raises $$ to Attend Stranger's Bachelor Party

It’s no secret that bachelor parties can be quite costly, so one guy decided to start a fundraising campaign to help get him to one. The twist? The guy going to the bash doesn’t even know the bachelor he’s traveling to celebrate.

Here's what happened...

  • A man named Will Novak, who lives in Mesa, Arizona mistakenly received an invitation to the bachelor party weekend in Vermont for a guy named Angelo who was tying the knot. Novak found himself intrigued by the invite, which included “ridiculous 1980s attire: Skiing tickets. Specialized shirts. Two days of beer and food out in the mountains.”
  • Even though invite was obviously a mistake, he jokingly responded, “F--king count me in!,” and it seems the guys throwing the party were happy to have him, responding, "We agree that your timely response may have been one of (if not the best) responses to an e-mail that has ever been sent,,” adding, "And we insist on you coming, this would surely make Angelos day."
  • With Novak now on board, there was one slight problem - the cost. Expenses for the bash would run about $750 and the money would be a bit of a stretch for Novak, so stated a GoFundMe page which read, “Help me go to the bachelor party of a stranger."
  • Folks immediately responded and he quickly reached his $750 goal, with the account now up to over $1,900. Novak plans to keep it open and initially planned to use the extra money for Angelo’s favorite charity or maybe his honeymoon, but now he’s found out that Angelo and his bride are expecting their first child, so the money will go towards the baby.

The kicker of the whole thing is that Angelo has no idea that Novak is coming. While he was on the initial email and saw Novak’s response, the rest of the guys took him off the chain once they started making plans for the stranger to come.    And even more exciting, if folks want to know how the bash goes, Novak plans to document it on his Instagram page next weekend. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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