Amazon Developing A Virtual Fitting Room

While online shopping is a great convenience, it isn’t always easy when it comes to buying clothes, especially since you can’t try on outfits to see if they look good on you. Well, Amazon may soon have a solution to that problem. 

According to a report in “The Sunday Telegraph,” Amazon is in the process of developing an app which is being described as a “virtual fitting room.” The app will access a person’s personal data, and using social media photos, as well as their job and the climate they live in, predict their fashion style and then suggest possible items they may like.

But that’s not all, the app will then place the suggested outfit on a virtual mannequin so folks can see what they may look like on, and customers can swipe to like or dislike an outfit. They’ll also be able to search for additions, share recommendations and more.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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