Most Popular Super Bowl Foods

While a lot of people will be going to Super Bowl parties this Sunday, a whole host of other people will be staying at home on their own couch to watch the game. As you can imagine a lot of those people will be ordering in food for the big game, and now a new report reveals what most people will be ordering.

The delivery app Waitr reports that Super Bowl Sunday is one of their Top Five delivery days each year, and we bet most people won’t be surprised at what food is ordered in most. Over 1.3 billion chicken wings will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, so it just makes sense that traditional chicken wings tops the list as the most popular food to order for the big game, while boneless wings comes in second. But there are some food items in the Top Ten that may surprise you, like fried pickles, onion rings and even boiled crawfish.

Top Ten Most Ordered Menu Items On Super Bowl Sunday:

  1. Traditional Chicken Wings
  2. Boneless Chicken Wings
  3. French Fries
  4. Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers
  5. Chips & Salsa
  6. Quesadillas
  7. Fried Pickles
  8. Onion Rings
  9. Boiled Crawfish
  10. Cheese Sticks

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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