Most People "Grade" Their Partner's Valentine's Day Efforts as an "F"

If you had to grade the level of effort your partner puts into Valentine's Day, would they pass or fail? Only 15% of people in a new survey gave their partner an "A"...6% gave them a "B"...10% said "C"...11% said "D"...and a whopping FIFTY-EIGHT PERCENT gave them an "F.

A lot of those people must just be doing NOTHING though, because the top things we WANT for Valentine's Day aren't that outrageous. Here are the Top 10 :

1. A nice dinner out. 58% said it's a good gift.

2. Chocolate, 50%.

3. Flowers, 46%.

4. A massage, 46%.

5. A home-cooked meal, 39%.

6. Jewelry, 36%.

7. A trip to somewhere warm or exotic, 31%.

8. A spa package, 31%.

9. A night or two at a local hotel, 30%.

10. Tickets to a comedy show, 26%. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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