A "Period" Emoji Is Coming

Unicode Consortium, the organization behind new emojis, revealed 230 new emojis for 2019, including one some people are happily using to represent “tiny penis.” Well, the new entries also include an emoji some people aren’t too happy about, and they are letting their voices be heard on social media.

It seems amongst the 230 new characters is a red droplet, or a period emoji, which hopes to help end the stigma associated with a woman’s time of the month, and apparently a lot of folks, mainly men, are disgusted by the new addition.

"Period emoji is disgusting,” one guy wrote, while another added, "Why the f**k r they adding a period blood emoji GROSS LFMAOO F*****G HELL." Meanwhile, another guy noted, “if women are getting a period emoji, we want a semen emoji.”

And it’s actually not just men who aren’t down with the new period emoji. “This #PeriodEmoji is beyond inappropriate,” one mom wrote. “Do any of you clueless feminist think about children? You should be ashamed of yourselves. YOUR DISGUSTING!"

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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