I got to be a Harlem Globetrotter

I’ve gotten to do a ton of cool things thanks to my job. I’ve been very fortunate no doubt. But getting to play with the Harlem Globetrotters was by far one of the biggest ever!

Here's video shot by my daughter and proof of #Airball and #DadDanceMoves The best part of this video is the commentary from my daughter - you can hear her say "my poor dad....he's trying" as she laughs with her friend. LOL!!

And to get her back [dad revenge] here she is dancing out on the court. She clearly gets her coordination/dance moves from her mother.

One more video - this was pregame - before heading out to the court. THEY WERE SO NICE! Genuinely great people. "SWISH" was the one who took the phone and helped with filming. She rocked.

There's me at the end of the bench - my best position

....and SWISH sayin' 'hey'!

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