11 Secret Airport Hacks - Change the Way You Travel!

Where was this list a few weeks ago when I was headed to Jamaica?? (By the way - check out pics of my trip here!!)

I don't many people who actually LIKE to travel by plane - yes, it's the quickest way to get from Point A to Point B, and while you might not get air-sick (or hate landing, like I do), it's not usually a pleasant experience. Airports are crowded, security is crazy these days...and no matter how many free bags of Doritos they give you, those airplane seats are NEVER comfortable. Plus, living in Western New York...we often have to worry about how the weather will affect our trip! Delays can wreck havoc on your plans.

So BEHOLD. I bring you a list that could save a lot of headaches during your next trip involving airfare. 11 secret airport hacks, to make getting to your destination a little smoother. Check out the list here!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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