Cop Leaves Generous Tip For Pregnant Waitress

A South Jersey dad is thanking an anonymous police officer for giving an amazing tip to his pregnant daughter.

Brian Cadigan posted a video to Facebook over the weekend showing that an unidentified Voorhees cop left a 100-dollar tip on a diner bill that was $8.75. Cadigan says that his daughter Courtney English, who happens to be seven-months pregnant, was the officer's waitress at the Lamp Post Diner.

The officer added a note wishing English enjoy her first child, adding how she'll never forget it, and English's dad blessed the officer, calling him a beautiful human being. English told “Today” "Cops are portrayed as horrible people a lot of the time, and they aren't and this just goes to show that a young officer [saw] a struggling mother to be, and wanted to extend a little help!"


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