Clever Girl Scout Uses Jason Momoa's Abs to Sell Cookies

Well, isn't this girl clever!

or most of us, Girl Scout Cookies really sell themselves, we don’t need a lot of incentive to buy a box or six. But an enterprising Girl Scout in Colorado came up with a marketing idea to help boost her cookie sales - by rebranding her stock of tasty Samoas as “Momoas” - as in the actor Jason Momoa.

Charlotte Holmberg is only in fifth grade, but she knows what sells, so she took the standard-issue purple box that Samoas come in and gave it a makeover by covering it with a photo of the Aquaman star’s ripped torso. But she didn’t come up with the idea totally on her own - Charlotte was inspired by a Twitter meme showing Momoa shirtless, sitting on top of a giant Samoa cookie.

Jason Momoa’s abs may help Charlotte sell more Samoas, but she was doing pretty well before trying out this sales tactic. Last year she sold 2,000 boxes and earned Top Cookie CEO status. And with a sexy man on the package, it’s probably no surprise who her biggest customers are. She says, “The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying they need them.”

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