Amazon No Longer the Top Online Retailer for Customer Satisfaction

While Amazon may be everyone’s go-to spot for online shopping, when it comes to customer service another retailer is earning higher marks with shoppers, and you may be surprised by who it is. 

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s annual Retail and Consumer Shipping Report, Costco rates the highest for costumer satisfaction when it comes to Internet retailers. The warehouse store, which got into the e-commerce game last year, earns an ASCI score of 83 this year to top Amazon, which drops three points this year to an 82. Before this, Amazon has maintained the top spot since 2010.

When it comes to retail in general, Internet sales earns the highest satisfaction scores, with an 80, although it is two points lower than it was last year. This year saw the addition of 21 new e-commerce companies on the list, with many earning high scores like Etsy, Kohl’s, Nike, and Nordstrom, which each debuted with an ACSI score of 81.

As for the e-commerce businesses with the lowest customer satisfaction scores, Sears and Walmart rank at the very bottom of the list, wit a 73 and 74 respectively.

Top Five Internet Retailers For Customer Satisfaction

1. Costco (83)

2. Amazon (82)

3. Etsy (81)

3. Kohl’s (81)

3. Nike (81)

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