Ways To Recognize International Women's Day With Your Kids

Today is International Women’s Day and it’s up to us to show the next generation how to honor the day and keep the message going. Little kids probably aren’t ready for a lesson on gender inequality or the wage gap, but these are some fun ways to celebrate the day with kids, while inspiring and educating them.

  • Attend an event -There are marches, concerts, festivals and other events happening all over the world, to find one near you search the International Women's Day website.
  • Decorate your child’s room- Hang a framed poster with an inspiring quote from a woman they admire, like this one from Malala Yousafzai: “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”
  • Make puppets- Teach little ones about women’s history by creating puppets. Print out a and let kids decorate them to resemble famous females likeFrida KahloandSally Ride, or personal heroes like Grandma.
  • Write a letter- Have your kids think about the amazing women in their lives, from relatives to the librarian to the cashier at the grocery store, and then have the kiddos write one of them a letter or email thanking her for being a super female role model.
  • Take a picture- EyeEm, a partner of International Women’s Day, is holding its first annual photography contest, so break out the cameras. They’re looking for “exciting, engaging images that portray women in real and diverse ways” and you could win a pro photography kit or be featured on their website.
  • Watch a movie- Pick a film about an inspiring or rule-breaking woman to watch with the kiddos. For the little ones, go with something animated, like “Moana” or “Brave,” and for kids a little older, maybe “A Wrinkle in Time” or “Hidden Figures.”
  • Read a book- There are no shortage of books with strong heroines to inspire young minds, including ‘Anne of Green Gables,” and the “Ramona” series. And there are lots of great biographies to check out with real-life women heroes, like Molly Williams (the first female firefighter) and Elizabeth Blackwell (the first woman to become a doctor in America).
  • Wear purple- According to the International Women’s Day site, the color purple symbolizes women. So have your kids put on their favorite purple outfits and stand strong for women.

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