What Does Your Favorite "Game of Thrones" Couple Says About Your Love Life?

With the final season of Game of Thrones just a few weeks away, OkCupid has done some research to see how the show can affect your love life. The dating site just launched a Game of Thrones badge that fans can proudly display on their profile, so if a user says “yes” to the “Do you watch GoT” question, the badge will appear, making it that much easier for fans of the series to match with each other. OkCupid also analyzed data from users who love the show to create their Game of Thrones study, and here’s what it predicts about your love life, based on your favorite on-screen couple:

If you love Brienne and Tormund- If you’re one of the 13% of women and 12% of men who would love to be part of a couple like this, you’re also more likely to challenge gender roles in relationships, according to the study. It also finds fans of this couple probably don’t place as much value on astrological signs and are the least likely to agree to a long-distance relationship.

If you can’t get enough of Jon and Ygritte- Way more men look up to this couple, 43% of them do, compared to just 27% of women who see Jon and Ygritte as their relationship goals. Fans of this couple also admit they like to argue and are more open to making a long-distance relationship work, the study finds.

If you’re all about Khal Drogo and Daenerys- If these two are more your style, you join 26% of men and nearly half of the women in the study (47%), making this the most popular couple among the ladies. These folks were found to be the least likely to argue and the most likely to be looking for one-night stands and to go dutch on dates.

If you’re team Ned and Catelyn- And as for the 13% of women and 19% of men who adore this couple, the study finds they’re more likely to be looking for a relationship that lasts a lifetime. So if you’re looking for a long-term love and this is your S.O.’s favorite GoT couple, that’s a good sign.

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