Listen to Elisabeth Hasselbeck's "Meltdown" on "The View"

Back in 2006, the ladies were debating the "morning after pill," and BARBARA WALTERS straight-up reprimanded ELISABETH HASSELBECK for supposedly getting too heated and not listening to everyone else's opinions.

Well, after they went to commercial, Elisabeth went backstage and LOST IT. Over the weekend, "Variety" posted the audio of her "meltdown" (and I use the term loosely, as I feel she was pretty justified)...and it's intense.

She doesn't confront Barbara herself. First she goes off to JOY BEHAR, saying, quote, "[Eff] that! I'm not going to sit there and get reprimanded on the air...I'm not going back out there."

Joy does her best to calm her down, while Elisabeth adds, quote, "What the [eff]? I don't even swear. She has me swearing. This woman is driving me nuts!"

Then she tries to QUIT...saying, quote, "Goodbye! I'm off! Write about that in the 'New York [EFFING] Post'!"

When Joy and a producer tell Barbara that Elisabeth walked off, she says she HAS TO come back. She also gets angry that they talked about the morning after pill in the first place.

Then producer Bill Geddie gets involved. He tells Elisabeth she's a PROFESSIONAL, and has to go back on. He also takes Elisabeth's side, and agrees that Barbara went too far.

Elisabeth finally agrees to go back on, and she and Barbara make up on the air.

After the audio was released, Elisabeth apologized for her language, saying, quote, "I used big battle words (one in particular that I am not proud of and am sorry for using in the heat of trying to defend the lives of the unborn)."

Profanity Warning: Check out the audio, bookended by video of what happened on the air before and after her blow-up.  CAREFUL: it's loaded with profanity.

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