The Secret to the Perfect Selfie

Love it or hate it, we’re living in the era of the selfie. And knowing how to take a good one when you need to is an essential life skill now. Even if you’re not the type to snap a photo of yourself doing regular, everyday things, you’ll want to know how to capture the moment perfectly when you’re visiting the Eiffel Tower, right?

So, we’ve been taught that the best practice protocol for selfies is taking them from above, right? But it turns out, the trick to looking your best in the photo is to shoot from the side and keep the phone at eye level. You’ll also want to have the phone angled to your best side and not straight on.

Just how much to the side are we talking? Well, it’s oddly specific, but ideally, you want only one shoulder and half of the other one visible in the photo. (Check out exhibit A and exhibit B to get see how it works.) It may seem awkward at first, but the effect is supposed to be slimming and look less obvious than those aerial shots we’ve all been taking.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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