"Game OF Thrones" items you can eat and drink this weekend!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave recently, you’re probably aware that the final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is coming. Fans of the beloved show are eagerly awaiting the premiere this Sunday, April 14th and when they gather to watch, they can enjoy these foods and drinks inspired by the show.

  • Brewery Ommegang Beer -Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York, has been releasing beers inspired by “Game of Thrones” since 2013 and they’re currently offering an imperial stout called King in the North, a smoked porter and kriek ale blend called Mother of Dragons, and a blend of sour and blonde ales called Queen of Seven Kingdoms.

  • Shake Shack’s Special Menu- The original location in New York City’s Madison Square Park is serving up a spicy Dracarys Burger and a white chocolate mint Dragonglass shake, but to try one, you’ll have to order it in Valyrian.

  • Deliveroo’s Chocolate Dragon Eggs -Fans of the show in the U.K. can order these HUGE (2.2 pounds!) white chocolate dragon eggs from food delivery service Deliveroo.

  • Johnnie Walker Whisky- They created a White Walker scotch with single malts from Scotland and there’s a whole “Game of Thrones” Single Malt Whisky Collection that features eight bottles inspired by the houses.

  • “Game of Thrones” Oreos- The classic chocolate cookie with white cream comes in four different designs inspired by the show.

  • ‘Kill List’ Mountain Dew- The soda traded in its famous green can for a brandless and faceless can that’s stark white when warm, but when it gets cold, Arya’s iconic kill list appears.

  • Wine- The characters on the show love their wine, and now fans can booze it up with a Bordeaux called The Imp’s Delight, along with several other vinos.

  • A Giant Pretzel Throne- You can’t really eat this, but it’s worth mentioning Snyder’s of Hanover, the pretzel company, made its own version of the Iron Throne out of more than 1,000 pretzels.

  • The Mother of All Sauces- This Sunday, April 14th, for one day only, Buffalo Wild Wings will have special Dragon Fire Wings. The sauce is made with chili and ghost peppers, as well as ginger and soy sauce and the special wings are available in restaurant or for takeout.

Source:The Daily Meal

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