Simpsons roast Upstate New York -

Over the years, The Simpsons certainly have taken shots at just about every one and everything. And last night Upstate New York was in the cross-hairs. Homer announced that they were headed to our region....and he broke into song.

The song roasted cities and towns big (Buffalo, Rochester) and small (Niskayuna, Oriskany) as well as some of their longstanding institutions, including the Anchor Bar and Kodak.

"The Kodak plant closed; But I'm a-longin' to say

And go on disability in upstate New York," he sang.

This isn't the first time upstate has been mentioned....

A ton of people are upset....I get it. But lighten up. It snows. Job market isn't fantastic. The infrastructure is crumbling. Taxes are high. We all complain about the area until somebody from outside here does. Then we're all like "it's the best place ever!"

What's hilarious are the people in Binghamton that are mad they didn't get mentioned. YOU ARE NOT UPSTATE NEW YORK!

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