Dad Graduates From College w/ Son & Daughter

Going to a college graduation to see a family member get their diploma is impressive, but at the Eastern Michigan University commencement this week, the McGill family didn’t just have one grad, they had three. Father Pat, his daughter Regan, and son Ryan, all got to walk across that graduation stage at the same time after working hard together to get there.

Ryan graduated with a degree in exercise science, Regan finished with two majors: psychology and women’s and gender studies, and Pat got his degree in construction management. Pat’s been taking classes while working as a police officer with the college’s public safety department for the last 20 years, and when the trio realized they were all going to be finishing up around the same time, they all decided to walk the stage in their green graduation robes together.

"We've always been pretty close as a family, so doing something like this, it's — I mean there's not many people that can say they walked with their sibling and their parent," Ryan says. "So pretty grateful for that.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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