Rochester Officer Plays Football With Kids

Rochester Police Officer Colin Blind wrapped up a call near Electric Avenue Monday and saw some kids down the street playing football.

His first thought was "I want to go play with them!"

"I was playing quarter back at first, but then one of the kids challenged me to one-on-one so I had to let him try to guard me,” said Officer Blind. "They were kind of making fun of their friend a bit, but he was in good spirits. They actually live down the street and asked to come by and play basketball sometime."

The video shared by Barstool Sports has received over 8,500 likes.

"They didn't show the other video where the other kid was guarding me and he actually intercepted the ball,” said Officer Blind.

The moment is getting noticed by his boss too.

Chief Singletary commending Officer Blind for his community engagement!

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