STUDY: Crying Can Help You Lose Weight

Sometimes, having a big ole cry fest makes you feel a lot better, right? Well, now we’re hearing that a big, tear-filled emotional release like that may actually help us lose weight, too. Sounds a little hard to believe, but according to recent research, torching calories with tears is legit.

But we’re not just talking about getting a little misty-eyed and shedding a few dress sizes. A recent study suggests that crying - the mascara-running-down-your-face kind - can actually help you lose weight and it all comes down to hormones.

The hormones associated with extreme emotions raise cortisol levels, which can lead to a buildup of belly fat if not released. And the type of tears we cry when we’re emotional, “psychic” tears, actually reduce cortisol levels, which could help us lose weight.

  • But don’t get too excited – or start wellin’…there’s a catch. It’s those “psychic” tears brought on by real feelings that get the weight loss benefits. Basal tears – the kind that keep our eyes from drying out – and reflex tears – the kind we shed involuntarily when dust or smoke gets into our eyes – won’t do the same thing.

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