If The Office Is Empty Today...It's Because of "Game Of Thrones"

A new poll says that 10.7 million people planned to skip work today, the day after the Game of Thrones finale. Meanwhile, the petition to redo Season 8 is inching closer and closer to a million signatures. So, if you're short-handed at work...at least now you know why.

That said...how are you feeling about the finale last night?? Satisfied, or OUTRAGED?? Without spoiling anything, I'll say this one thing: I'm not mad about where they ended up. I just wish they had given themselves a little more time to get there - another four episodes would have gone a LONG way in this final season.

FYI - the petition to redo Season 8 with COMPETENT WRITERS passed 800,000 signatures over the weekend, and now they're shooting for a MILLION.

Photo Credit: iHeartRadio Network

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