Taco Bell Is Opening A "Luxury" Hotel - Sounds Fancy, Right?

Nothing says "luxury" like being surrounded by chalupas.

Taco Bell just announced it's opening a new LUXURY HOTEL this summer. That's right. A luxury hotel.

It's called The Bell, and it's going to open in Palm Springs, California for a limited time starting on August 9th.

So what will they have at a Taco Bell hotel? Lots of Taco Bell food, including test items you can't get anywhere else...a gift shop with Taco Bell merchandise...and a SALON that will do, quote, "Taco Bell-inspired" nail art, haircuts, and braids.

There's no word on how much the rooms will cost. Or how much those Taco Bell-inspired beauty services will cost either.

If you're interested in going to the Taco Bell hotel, reservations are going to open up next month and they're probably going to go quickly. 

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