Docs Call Raising Your Child Vegan "Criminal"

More people going meat-free all the time – and consequently, their kids are following the same plan…but not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. In fact, some doctors in Belgium say a vegan diet is dangerous for growing bodies. They’re so concerned, they’re now saying parents who put their little ones on such restrictive diets should actually be prosecuted!

The legal opinion published by The Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium offers: “It is not medically recommended and even forbidden to subject a child, especially during periods of rapid growth, to a potentially destabilizing diet.”

The docs say the animal fats and amino acids found in meat and dairy areessentialfor growth and the vegan diet doesn’t provide them. They say older kids could possibly go vegan, but only if they had medical supervision and took supplements, otherwise it would be “unethical” to raise kids that way. The announcement was prompted by government official Bernard Devos and it will make it easier, legally, for him to “separate children from parents who insist on the diet.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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