Movie Theater Lets You Bring Your Dog & Has Bottomless Wine

Watching a movie with a glass of wine in hand is lovely, but having your dog on your lap while you do? Even better. For most of us, that’s a pleasure we can only enjoy at home, but a movie theater in Texas is dog-friendly and they serve alcohol, too.

K9 Cinemas in Plano was designed with dog-lovers in mind. The $15 ticket gets one human and one dog in and if you want to bring a second dog, it’s only $5 extra. And if bringing your four-legged bestie with you to the movies isn’t enough of a selling point, the ticket also includes unlimited wine! That’s right - as much wine as you can drink (for the human), or four whiskeys, if you prefer that, is part of the price.

They don’t show new releases at K9, but they do have theme nights and one-off screenings, like their recent Game of Thrones viewing party. They sell snacks to go with the booze and have dog-friendly options as well. And as long as you bring papers from your vet showing your pooch is up to date with shots, you can sit back and enjoy a flick with Fido and all that wine.

When are they going to open one of these in Rochester???

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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