The Most (And Least) Morally Acceptable Things in 2019

Gallup does a poll every year that asks Americans if they think different things are morally acceptable or not. And they just released this year's results. Here are a bunch of different issues, and where people stand on them in 2019:

1. Using birth control. 92% say it's morally okay.

2. Drinking alcohol. 79% say it's morally okay.

3. Divorce, 77%. That's the highest it's ever been since the poll launched in 2001. Back then, only 59% said it was okay.

4. Sex before marriage, 71%. Again, the highest it's ever been.

5. Gambling, 68%.

6. Smoking pot, 65%.

7. Being gay, 63%. 67% was the all-time high last year.

8. The death penalty, 60%.

9. Wearing fur, 53%. Down from 60% last year.

10. Abortion, 42%. That one's held pretty steady over the years.

11. Pornography, 37%. Down from 43% last year.

12. Cloning animals, 31%. And only 12% said cloning humans would be okay.

13. Having an affair, only 9% of people think it's morally acceptable. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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