Blockbuster Video: The Board Game

It’s probably been a long time since you walked into a Blockbuster to rent a movie, but if you’re still nostalgic for the old days of your neighborhood video store, you’re in luck. Now there’s a new Blockbuster board game out to give you all those feels again.

The Blockbuster Party Game ($19.99) is here to help you step right back into the 90's as your team competes to be the first to collect one movie from all eight genres: action, classics, comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama, animation, and family. The board you play on is supposed to look like the parking lot of an old BB and the game actually comes in a VHS box.

British board game company Big Potato Games came up with the idea after realizing “we felt such nostalgia for picking up rentals.” They say 90% of the movies included in the game “would feel right at home on an old-school Blockbuster shelf” but they threw in some newer films, so the whole family can get in on the fun. You can only buy it at two places, Target and the last Blockbuster store in the whole world, which is in Bend, Oregon.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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