Pampers Putting 5K Changing Tables in Men's Restrooms

Dads change diapers, too, but public restrooms haven’t caught up with the responsibilities of modern father’s yet. This means dads have had to get creative when they’re out with their babies and they need to change a diaper, using everything from the trunk of a car to the lid of a piano as a makeshift changing station.

But now Pampers is going to help make it easier on father’s by giving them a spot to change a diaper right there in the men’s room. The diaper company has announced plans to install 5,000 changing stations in men’s restrooms across the U.S. and Canada.

They’re working with changing table company Koala Kare to get started in “high-need” locations first, putting tables in cities including Cincinnati, Dallas, and Detroit. They’re starting with public spots like libraries and parks and some 500 locations will be getting changing tables within the next few weeks.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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