Now Instagram Will Warn You If You're About to Leave a Mean Comment

Do people write HORRIBLE things on social media because they don't REALIZE those things are horrible? Probably not...all the trolling I see feels a lot more intentional than that. So I'm skeptical about how effective this will be.

Instagram just announced a new plan to cut down on bullying. They're going to recognize when you're writing something MEAN and let you know.

They're starting to roll out a new AI feature that analyzes the comment you're about to post and lets you know, "Hey, this isn't very nice."

In the example they shared, someone wrote a comment saying, quote, "You are so ugly and stupid" and Instagram responded, quote, "Are you sure you want to post this?"

Instagram is also planning another feature to try to make their social network less toxic by letting you mute comments from different users without those users getting notifications they were muted.

Will any of this actually work? It all feels pretty naïve and idealistic, but the head of Instagram says they're really trying to keep the conversations more civil because bullying, quote, "could hurt our reputation and our brand over time." 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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