Couple Married 70+ Years Dies 12 Hours Apart

After 71 years, a long love story has come to an end. A Georgia couple who was married for more than seven decades died on the same day, 12 hours apart. Herbert and Frances DeLaigle met when she was just 16 and he was 22 and they were married a year later and lived happily ever after, until recently.

Last week, Herbert passed away at 2:20 a.m. in Waynesboro, Georgia, and then exactly 12 hours later, Frances died at 2:20 p.m. During their many happy years together, they had six children, 16 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren, and three great great grandchildren.

When the couple celebrated their 70th anniversary last year, they were asked about the secret to a long, happy marriage. “Show your love,” Herbert replied, and Frances added, “And be there for each other.” And it seems they were, even at the very end. They were laid to rest together at the Botsford Baptist Church Cemetery with full military honors.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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