You Can Now Enjoy Cow Cuddle Therapy in Naples!

You Can Now Enjoy Cow Cuddle Therapy- While most people would think kitten when it comes to cuddling, one b&b is going with a cow.

Yes, you can now cuddle with a cow for a price. For 75 bucks an hour, a bed and breakfast in upstate New York is offering cow therapy sessions for guests. Owner Suzanne Vullers says she got the idea on a trip to the Netherlands where the practice is fairly common.

Horse therapy sessions have proved popular for her guests for some time, so she figured they might also enjoy similar therapeutic benefits from cuddling with a cow. Vullers' Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, New York offers cow cuddling for two people at a cost of 75-dollars an hour.

You’ll get lessons on how to interact with and approach the bovines…. for obvious reasons.

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