Bridezilla Insists Her Bridesmaids Wear a Certain Size Dress

Some women know exactly what they want their wedding to be like long before they actually tie the knot, like a bride-to-be from London who recently revealed on Twitter that she had some strict guidelines for her future bridesmaids. In her tweet, user Moli Harvey writes, “All my bridesmaids will be under a size 12.” She explains that she’s a size six and her bridesmaids are “supposed to complement” her not “contrast” her.

The bridezilla doesn’t stop there. “Not saying none of my friends can’t be bigger than a 12,” she writes. “But they shouldn’t expect to be part of the MAIN wedding party.” And even after followers called her out over the statement, she continues to defend herself, claiming it’s up to the bride because it’s her wedding day. “If someone made me stand on the end for being too thin,” she adds. “I wouldn’t feel any type of way, so in my opinion, there’s no issue.”

People weren’t having it and slammed her for her views. One writes, “I’m gonna go ahead and guess ‘friends’ are hypothetical because she can’t possibly have any.” Another tweeted that if her best friend didn’t want her to be a bridesmaid because she was the wrong dress size, they wouldn’t be best friends anymore. Someone else said they hoped all the guests “turned up in white” for the wedding. And our favorite response of all is: “I hope somebody gets proposed to at your reception.”

See the tweet below:

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