Waiter Secretly Serves Pregnant Woman Non-Alcoholic Drinks

There's a story on Reddit going viral right now in their "Am I The A-Hole?" section. And it's definitely an interesting scenario.

A waiter heard a table of women talking, and one of them said she was "14 weeks along." He believed she was pregnant, although he never confirmed it with her.

Well, the women all ordered alcoholic drinks. And he had the bartender make the possibly pregnant woman's drinks VIRGIN.

She didn't realize it until they got the bill, and the bartender had rang the drinks in as non-alcoholic.

The woman complained to the manager, who wound up suspending the waiter and told him the restaurant could get in serious trouble for discrimination.

So the waiter is wondering "Am I the A-hole?" And based on the results...people overwhelmingly say YES, he is. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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