It's Here!! Pottery Barn's "Friends" Collection - Check It Out

Fans of the show “Friends” can finally have some reminders of the iconic sitcom in their home. Pottery Barn has made good on their promise and has released their limited edition “Friends” collection.

The line features a Central Perk coffee cup and mugs that feature “Joey Doesn’t Share Food,” and “You’re My Lobster” on them. You can find the same phrases on dish towels. If you’re hardcore, a throw pillow with Monica’s purple door will do the trick or you can put out your very own “Welcome Friends” doormat printed in the show’s logo font. There’s even a theme song wall art set. I want so much of this stuff!!

To top it all off is the coffee table. Yes, the apothecary table that Phoebe LOVED, even though it was from a store she hated, and that saw some of the sitcom’s craziest moments is copied down to the littlest detail.

Happy shopping!


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