Moms Reveal Biggest Parenting Fails - LIST

When the folks at The Stir asked moms around the country to share their biggest parenting mistakes, cringe-worthy responses poured in. No matter what you’ve done, someone else has probably done the same and it’s kind of a relief to know you’re not alone. You may be able to relate to some of these parenting fails from real moms.

  • Forgetting to buckle the kid into the car seat before driving- The baby was in his car seat in the backseat, but mom forgot to buckle him in. After driving a few blocks, she felt like something wasn’t quite right and pulled over to find her mistake.
  • Burning the baby by accident- Another mom was being ultra careful as she carried her three-month-old in one arm and a cup of just-poured tea in her other hand, right up until she bumped into the wall, splashed the tea and baby ended up with a 2nd-degree burn on his knee. She says, “It was the worst night of my life.”
  • Slamming the car door shut on her baby’s hand- When her baby’s had a fever of 103, mom was in a panic and in a rush to get to the pediatrician. She shoved the car door closed … on her little one’s hand and by the time they got to the doctor, they were both crying. The doc assured her baby’s bones are really soft and she was fine.
  • Giving her kid a DIY haircut- A thrifty mom tried to cut her kid’s hair to save on a trip to the salon, but she found out it’s harder than it looks to get it right. It was so uneven, she had to spring for a professional anyway to fix the cut.
  • Her kid learned to open the baby gate and the back door lock in one day- Mom went to the store, leaving dad in charge of their toddler. When she returned 20 minutes later, he was frantically searching for their son, who was in the backyard playing alone. Turns out, he’d learned to open both the baby gate and the back door and set himself free.
  • Party fouling on her kiddo- At an outdoor concert with her baby - who was wearing the proper ear protection - a mom spilled part of her one and only beer she had that day on his head. She was mortified, but her husband thought it was hilarious.

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