Woman's 3YO Has Cancer, Person Calls Her House an "Eyesore," Others Step In

Sometimes neighbors can be the greatest people, and other times not so much, and this next story proves both are definitely true.

Pinson, Alabama mom Randa Ragland recently took to a private Facebook group to share the nasty note she received from a neighbor, who complained about Randa not keeping her house in good shape. The neighbor called the home an “eyesore,” and urged her to “do better,” noting, “Who wants to buy a house near you and look at that daily? It does not take that much effort, all you have to do is give a s***.”

But here’s the thing. There’s a very good reason Randa hasn’t been keeping up her houme. The mom explained that her three-year-old autistic son Jaxen has cancer, and has been fighting stage-4 Neuroblastoma since October. That's why she’s had little time to think about anything but her son, and has been busy with doctors visits, clinic appointments and hospital stays.

Randa urged all the folks in the group to be “kind to your neighbor,” adding, “Because just a year ago. I would [have] been so angry from this note. But I truly don’t have the energy for that kind of negativity.”

  • Well, apparently many of her neighbors felt the same way, and soon after the post was shared dozens of people created a Facebook group called “Jaxen’s Army for Justice” and have pitched in to help Randa and her family. Not only have they collected donations for Jaxen, but they’ve been pitching in with household chores, and even mowed her lawn for her.
  • “They started this group for my son,” Ragland tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It is wonderful knowing people do still care, and that not every one is self-absorbed.” She adds, “It is so awesome that it has happened. No one should go through this alone.”

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