Mom Demands $85 to Attend Her Son's Birthday Party

While it is important to celebrate when a kid has a birthday, one parent in England took things a bit too far and is now being blasted for it.

A mom recently took to the UK mommy forum Mumsnet to share that her kid has been invited to a go-kart birthday party, but the birthday boy's mother is asking guests to fork over $85 in order to attend. The mom writes that in addition to asking for Amazon gift cards for the birthday boy, the mom started demanding $25 in transportation costs, another $25 for the deposit and another $35 due on the day of the party. Plus, the birthday boy’s mom asked guests to pack a picnic lunch, and bring extra for the birthday boy.

As you can imagine, the mom of the guest couldn’t believe the birthday boy mom’s nerve, describing her actions as “really grabby, bordering on cheeky f–kery.” And folks online totally agreed with her, calling the woman’s demands, “absolutely insane.”

“She essentially wants everyone else to pay for her son’s birthday,” one parent shared, while another added, “No one in their right mind would do this.” And another noted, “Where do these people get off getting others to fund their child’s Birthday party?” 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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