Tips to Help Get Your Slowpoke Kid Moving in the Morning

Some kids are early birds who wake up on their own for school in the morning. And then there are the kids who have a much tougher time waking up and getting moving, even with our help. Kids don’t drink coffee, but some of them function like some adults who can’t seem to fully open their eyes or communicate until they’ve had a cup or two. If this sounds like your slow-pokey kiddo, it’s time to get creative to help them get up and going. These tips from a mom who’s been there could make mornings smoother at your house.

  • Trigger their natural wakeup sensors- Light is our body’s original alarm clock, it sends signals that it’s time to wake up. So before you try to wake your kid up, open the blinds and turn on the light to get that natural response working in your favor.
  • Play upbeat music- Your sleepy kid probably won’t like this because it messes with their sleep, but that’s the whole point, right? Choose songs they like to help keep their reaction positive.
  • Stay out of their routine as much as possible- If your kid can get themselves ready, let them. Just offer frequent reminders about the time so they know what they’re up against.
  • Give them plenty of time- If your kid needs a solid hour to fully wake up, give it to them. Get as much out of the way the night before, like a shower and picking out clothes, to help speed things along.
  • Set up some consequences- If you want to make sure the kid is walking out the door by the designated time, having some firm consequences in place if they don’t can help. It may motivate them to be on time if they know they’ll lose their screen-time for the day if they’re late. Whatever your sleepy kid cares about, use it.

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