Man Dies During Sex Having Business Trip-Affair, Ruled "Workplace Accident"

Here's a fascinating story about two of the SEXIEST topics in the world: Illicit affairs...and worker's comp.

There's a guy who's only been identified as Xavier who was an engineer for a railroad company from Paris. And back in February of 2013, he was on a business trip to Meung-sur-Loire, France. 

Well...even though he was married, he met a local woman and they went up to his hotel room to get-it-on. But Xavier had a HEART ATTACK during sex...and DIED.

The case has been in the courts ever since...over whether it should count as a WORKPLACE ACCIDENT. Seriously. There's been a six-year debate over whether having an affair on a business trip counts.

And an appeals court just issued the final ruling...YES, this counts. Which means Xavier's wife will get a payout of up to 80% of his salary every year until he would've hit retirement age, and then a share of his pension after that. What a consolation prize for her, right? 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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