Best Time To Book Holiday Travel Starts This Week

Today is officially the first day of Autumn, so people might be starting to think about the holiday season...and a new report suggests it’s time for people to start thinking about their holiday travel plans, too - especially if they want to get a good deal. 

According to the AAA, the best time to book flights for Thanksgiving starts next week, September 25th to be exact. According to data from the last three years, those who book flights between September 25th and October 7th will get pretty good prices, about $491 on average, along with the best availability, The site notes that some of the best deals can actually be found seven to 13 days before the holiday (November 11th to 17th) but travelers then run the risk of limited availability.

If you want the lowest ticket price for Thanksgiving, AAA says you should consider flying the Monday before the holiday, where prices average about $486. Also traveling on Thanksgiving day will save you money, with average price of $454. If your main objective is to avoid crowds, travel the Sunday before the holiday, which is normally the lightest travel day, although it is also the most expensive. 

And folks should also be thinking about their Christmas travel plans as well, with the optimal time to book being September 26th through October 25th, with flights averaging about $55. Again, better prices may be found between October 26th to November 27th, but availability will be limited.

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