Woman in Zombie Makeup Has Panic Attack; ER Thinks Something is VERY Wrong

In a few weeks, hospitals all over the country will be ready for people in makeup and costumes. Right now? THIS is what happens...

There's a professional dancer named Jai Fears in Royal Oak, Michigan. And on Monday night, she was getting zombie makeup done for a Halloween marketing campaign...when she had a PANIC ATTACK that was so bad she went to the ER.

But they didn't realize she was wearing makeup. So they thought there was something VERY, VERY WRONG with her...like she had rotten, bloody, burned flesh all over her face. And they rushed her into the trauma unit.

Fortunately, she recovered from her panic attack and the hospital realized she was NOT an actual zombie.

The hospital wasn't super happy about how it all went down, though...they said they couldn't comment on a patient, but they did issue a statement.

Quote, "The emergency room is not a place for fun and games. They see many patients with severe medical issues where lives are at stake. Doctors need to be able to focus on those patients with true emergencies." 

Read more --> Fox 2 - Detroit

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