Watching Horror Movies Ages Your Face Prematurely

It's horror movie season, but you should probably skip it this year...if you don't want to look old before your time. And don't bother switching to comedies, because those are just as bad.

British researchers found that watching horror movies, thrillers, and comedies contributes to AGE LINES...because of all the different faces you make when you're shocked and scared...or when you laugh.

A shocked expression isn't good for your forehead lines. Squinting can give you frown lines and crow's feet...and that's a double whammy, because you squint both when you laugh AND when you're scared.

And laughing can result in nasolabial folds...which sound kinky, but they're just the folds that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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