Top Pop Culture Halloween Costume From the Year You Were Born

Pop culture costumes are ALWAYS trendy for Halloween. And that's not a new thing.

"Cosmopolitan" recently put together a list of the, quote, "Halloween costume everyone was wearing the year you were born."

Now, really, it's more of a list of something that was hot in pop culture every year since 1950...but still, a lot of them are hard to argue with. Here are some highlights:

1955 . . .James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause".

1969 . . .Elvis.

1977 . . . Princess Leia.

1981 . . . Indiana Jones.

1983 . . .Madonna.

1985 . . .Marty McFly from Back to the Future

1996 . . . Ghostface from "Scream".

2004 . . . Captain Jack Sparrow.

2008 . . . the cast of "High School Musical"

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(Here's the full list, but warning: It's a 70-page slideshow, which everyone always loves.)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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