Date Night: Halloween-Themed Ideas

If the spooky season is your favorite, but you don’t have a Halloween party to attend, how will you celebrate the holiday? With a Halloween-themed date night. Some of these ideas are cozy, for when you and your boo want to stay in, and some are fun and festive and get you out of the house. But all of them are perfect to enjoy before November starts.

  • Watch scary movies- Mix up some cozy cocktails, break out the Halloween candy and have a marathon with all your favorite horror movies.
  • Carve pumpkins- Get creative with this messy activity that you can really only do this time of year.
  • Go to a fair or carnival- Find a corn maze, take a hayride, or check out an amusement park all decked out for Halloween.
  • Attend a midnight screening- And make sure it’s a thriller.
  • Even better if it's at a drive-in- Drive-in movies still exist and if you choose a scary movie, you and your boo can get close and squeeze each other when you’re afraid.
  • Pay a visit to a haunted house- Or a ghost tour, as long as it’s eerie and creepy, it’s perfect for a Halloween date.
  • Bake Halloween-inspired treats- Whip up some ghosts, bats, and skull cookies you can eat.
  • Tell scary stories- Bonus points for doing it by a bonfire.
  • Visit a graveyard- Thrill-seekers who want to get spooked will love this one.
  • Dress up and be creepy on your porch while handing out candy- If little trick-or-treaters are scared of your costumes, you’ve done your job.

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