Parents dare son to wear hot dog costume for school picture

A Maine elementary school student showed he could cut the mustard after dressing as a hot dog for his school ID photo — on a dare from his parents. A Facebook image of the nine-year-old Jake Arsenault’s sausage cosplay has been shared 31,000 times since his dad posted it on his page last Thursday.

Jake mom, Kari, first jokingly proposed doing the stunt during school picture day at Biddeford Intermediate School where he is a fourth-grader, reports ABC. However, it wasn’t until his father, Craig Arsenault, an Army sergeant, bribed him with 10 bucks that Jake decided to don the hot dog couture.

Since Jake’s parents were away on vacation at the time, the Arsenaults even sent Jake to school with a permission slip that read, “We are aware and okay with Jacob Arsenault’s intention to wear his hot dog costume for school pictures, if possible.” The school apparently relished the idea and allowed it.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Craig captioned his Facebook photo, which shows Jake swaddled in a snuggly hot dog costume complete with buns, mustard, and relish.

Jake’s wiener wear was such a hit that his fellow fourth-graders high-fived him in the school hallways, reports the “Today” show. “Everyone was like, ‘There’s hot dog boy,’” his proud father gushed. “Jake’s outgoing and likes being in the spotlight, so it worked out.”


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