You're Gonna Like this 108-Year-Old Woman's Secret to a Long Life

Think the secret to a long life is exercise and eating healthy? Not according to a woman in the UK who just turned 108. Dorothy Flowers just celebrated her birthday and claims her longevity is thanks to champagne and following horse racing.

The centenarian was thrilled to get birthday cards from all over the world in honor of her milestone. She received 654 cards after staff at her nursing home asked well wishers to mail her a greeting for every year of her life. The birthday girl also got several bottles of champagne, the drink she credits with helping her live such a long life.

Along with her bubbly, Dorothy enjoys chocolate and following horse racing. She never had children, but is close with her niece, Judith, who says her aunt can no longer speak, but the smile on her face showed how happy she was to toast with a glass of champagne and to read all those birthday cards. “It’s the small gestures that can make a big difference,” Judith says, adding, “the cards have made her feel very loved.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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