Husband Writes Book To Help Wife With Memory Loss Remember Their Love Story

For a lot of moms, the day they bring their child into the world is one they’ll never forget. But Camre Curto didn’t. Her normal, healthy pregnancy ended at 33-weeks with her husband, Steve, rushing her to the ER, where she had a major seizure and a stroke.

Soon, son Gavin was born courtesy of an emergency c-section – weighing just over four-pounds. But when she woke up from her medically induced coma, her long- and short-term memory was gone. In other words, she couldn’t recall memories before the stroke and can’t maintain short-term memories now. Camre didn’t even remember giving birth

But hubby Steve wasn’t about to give up. While he took care of the baby alone and she re-learned how to do everything from getting dressed to brushing her teeth, he came up with an idea to help her remember: he wrote a book filled with memories of their life together. The title, “But I Know I Love You,” comes from something Camre said to him soon after she woke: “I don’t know who you are, but I know I love you.”

He says this has been the driving force behind everything for him and kept him from giving up hope – and it’s that drive that’s helped her heal. “With my husband and son with me, that is what’s getting me through all this,” Camre explains. “I just tell myself everything is going to be okay and I move toward that.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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